Thursday, December 6, 2007

ReflexUtil and Facebook API

Is not like I don't have enough fodder for blogging, but I wanted to point out a couple people who are doing interesting work. Casey over at Tater Salad wrote about his experiences with ReflexUtil, but he's too modest to say that he did the code for modularizing the library. ReflexUtil is great for nudging into place those objects interactively. Considering I code in jEdit and don't have Flex Builder's Design View I'm sure this will come in handy sometime.

And Jason over at PB King has put a good amount of work on a Facebook AS3 API which was originally an internal project here at Terralever. There are a lot of updates that he's added. If you are looking for an alternative to the as3facebooklib this is it. I'd say that the main points of difference between the two libraries is that this one is more Delegate-based, while as3facebooklib is event-based.

Happy coding!